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Park News

Date: Mon 7th January 2019


Wickland Holdings Ltd would like to wish past and present customers a happy and prosperous 2019. We welcome the new year ahead with some exciting additions that will add a new dimension to our parks.

Here at Seaview we are improving the security by installing a 'state of the art' barrier system Warden Bay and Vanity Village will be installed at a later date which will restrict unwanted visitors to the parks.

We are well underway with a Phase 4 development of 12 month occupancy chalets which will be equipped with Wi Fi, Solar panels and full central-heating systems. Full details including finance can be obtained through the Seaview Office on request.

We are awaiting delivery of our 2019 selection of stock caravans which will prove to be very exciting for anyone wishing to treat themselves to a brand new luxury retreat. You will also see from our sales pages we still have a great selection of new and used holiday homes for sale at fantastic deals. Our prices are second to none. All part ex-changes considered, please contact the Seaview Office for further details.

We can also confirm that 2019 will see Warden Bay with it's new play-structure, which should be a hit with the little ones! We have also completed our Premier plots on E and F rows which are exceptionally pleasing to the eye on approach and will be available to anyone wishing to purchase a new caravan from our fabulous stock list.

As you will be aware Vanity Park has it's own developments too. Phase 1 was completed in 2017 and have now sold, with 1 or 2 still available to purchase. Full details can be obtained through the Seaview Office. Watch out this year for some new and exciting additions to the park. The SWIFT S-POD 6 will prove to add a new modern twist with it's ingenious compact living space bringing it into the 21st Century. Vanity will also undergo an entrance makeover too.

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